Due to the Corporations Coronavirus Epidemic Response, Registered Clubs have been granted the flexibility to hold virtual members meetings, including Annual

AGM NOTICE 20202020-09-16T19:42:19+10:00

Bowls is back!

Click here to find out more information on when you can now Bowl at Balmain Bowling Club.

Bowls is back!2020-08-04T12:03:55+10:00

139th AGM

NOTICE 139th ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING   Notice is hereby given, in accordance with Article 49 of the Club’s Articles of Association, that

139th AGM2020-09-19T12:27:07+10:00

138th AGM Minutes

Please find below our 138th AGM Minutes. Please click here to download the 139th AGM Minutes

138th AGM Minutes2020-01-29T13:28:17+10:00

137th AGM Minutes

Please find below our 137th AGM Minutes. Download the BBC 137th AGM Minutes now.

137th AGM Minutes2018-12-06T01:17:56+10:00

Who Would Have Thought – America’s Cup

Who would have thought....     Unlike the America's Cup being challenged 36 times throughout its 165 year history, the 'Holroyd Cup'

Who Would Have Thought – America’s Cup2018-01-24T15:40:04+10:00
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