While we have seen Covid-19 restrictions ease recently, Balmain Bowling Club remains closed and has been since the 23rd March 2020. For the current financial year (July, August & September 2020), while closed (except for bowling activities) the Club continues to experience substantial losses. Opening the Club at this time will only increase these losses.

Senior Management & the Board of St Johns Park Bowling Club group are currently working with key stakeholders to attempt to open the Club as soon as possible. We must keep in mind that under the current Covid –19 restrictions (mainly limited numbers and social distancing) as well as Inner West Council trading restrictions placed on our premises, the Club is limited to the facilities and activities we are able to provide to our members. In saying this, we are in negotiation with the Inner West Council to attempt to resolve our concerns and to this point they have been very supportive. I would also like to advise members that effective the 1st July 2020, the Board of Directors of the Balmain Bowling Club no longer represent the members of the Club and as per the MOU approved by members the Club is now represented through the appointed Advisory Committee.

As previously advised to members, the monies agreed in the (MOU) Memorandum of Understanding between the two Clubs to carry out Club upgrades to the Balmain Bowling Club has now been postponed because of the effect Covid-19 closure has had on the entire SJPBC Group cash flow position. This position has not changed.

I would like to advise members that we unfortunately are unable to continually respond to individual enquiries and all our current status will be provided through the member updates.

We again assure you that St Johns Park Bowling Club remains committed to the future of Balmain Bowling Club, its members and surrounding community. We are aware of our commitments but must first ensure the future financial viability of the whole SJPBC Group.

Your continued support through this difficult period is appreciated.

David Marsh – SJPBC Group CEO on behalf of the SJPBC Board of Directors.