Held at the Balmain Bowling Club in perfect conditions and under stunning blues skies, the inaugural Peninsular Shield Day between Balmain Bowling Club and Hunters Hill BC was played out on Sunday July 22nd. 6 teams from each club playing two bowl triples over 21 ends battled it out with Balmain taking out the first encounter 121 – 87 and winning on 5 of the 6 rinks. BBC President Ross Craig and Hunters Hill’s John Owens are long time mates and have been planning the Peninsular Shield for the last 6 months in an attempt bring the clubs closer together and provide a really good day out. Certainly the first challenge was well attended and a good time was had by all with Hunters Hill’s John Owens saying after the  Shield went to Balmain, that they will be very keen to win it back on the return game – probably in 6 months time. Ross Craig thanked everyone who helped set the game up including the BBC bar staff and commented on the importance of these special days to help keep the local clubs viable and extend the camaraderie between friends and players.

Play gets under way……

All the players who took part in the first Peninsular Shield at BBC

Hunters Hill’s John Owens (left) with BBC President Ross Craig and the hand made Peninsular Shield won for the first time by BBC on Sunday, July 22nd 2018.