HMS Endeavour sailing under Sydney Harbour Bridge


Land Ho!


Who would have thought that Captain James Cook and the HMS Endeavour and the Balmain Bowling Club have an uncanny similarity.

Captain Cook landed on Australian Shores in 1770.  Only one hundred and ten years later, in 1880, the Balmain Bowling Club was formed.

The length of the Balmain Bowling Club’s green, happens to be the same length as Cpt. Cook’s HMS Endeavour.  And, the ship’s beam is the same width as two of the Club’s bowling rinks.

Who would have thought the HMS Endeavour could have sat on just two of our lawn bowling rinks. There was a major difference though, Captain Cook crammed 94 people and 18 months of provisions into his vessel.  The Balmain Bowling Club can only squeeze 20 lawn bowlers into the same area.

Balmain Bowling Club 1880 Badge