What a Day!  Patrons returning from their Dawn Services were the first to arrive on our doorsteps.  The crowds steadily built throughout the morning.  The story of the Anzac Day and its traditions were displayed throughout the Club as was the descriptions of various medals.  All ages attended and there were lots of families and lots of kids.  By early afternoon, queues for the bar was at least 10 deep and it continued to grow.

Extra staff were called in

Club Members elected to run a game of 2 Up.  NSW’s Oldest Bowling Green was used for the very first time for the well known Anzac sport.

Then of course there was the true Aussie BBQ to feed the masses.

300 sausages later, resident BBQ expert Bruce Battin, enjoys a long awaited rest and a cold Pure Blonde.  A rest and a beer and Bruce continued to cook on.

A short light shower was enough to move the 2 UP inside.  Tables and chairs were moved to make way for the massive crowd who were thoroughly enjoying the toss of the coins.


And still there were queues

This was the first time the Balmain Bowling Club planned for an Anzac Day.  It resulted in the day becoming the best April trading day the Club has enjoyed this century!  We predict next year will be even bigger!