Notice is hereby given, in accordance with Article 54 of the Club’s Articles of Association, that the Annual General Meeting of the Balmain Bowling Club Limited will be held from 9.00am on Sunday, 25 September 2016.


AGENDA (Article 57)


  1. To adopt the Minutes for the 135th Annual General Meeting, held on Sunday, 27 September 2015;
  1. To receive, consider and adopt the reports of the Board;
  1. To adopt the Annual Report, Financial Statements and Auditor’s Report;
  1. To elect a Returning Officer and 2 Scrutineers followed by the election of the Club’s 2016-2017 Office Holders;
  1. To receive nominations and elect the Club’s 2016-2017 Non-Office Bearers (ie. Bowls Secretary, Bowls Selectors/Match Committee and Social Committee);
  1. To deal with any General Business that may be raised in accordance with the Articles of Association; and
  1. To adopt the proposed date of the Club’s next (137th) Annual General Meeting.


T.J. (Terry) Thurtell

Acting Secretary

28 August 2016



NOTES:         No notification, as required by Article 58, of any item(s) of business or notice(s) of motion has been received by today’s closing date; and


                         No written request for the disclosure of specific information from the Financial Statements has been received by today’s date.  If any request is received by the required (ie. 11 September 2016) closing date, then it will be addressed during the Treasurer’s verbal report.